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Rev.Aaron Wright Preview Weekend Guest evangelist

by ABI Admissions (10/17/2014)

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Aaron was brought up with a Pentecostal heritage by his mother and father, Mike and Cassandra Wright. While attending Hughesville High School, Aaron felt the call of God to preach the Gospel. Standing at the crossroads, the choice was to pursue a football scholarship or go to the Apostolic Bible Institute. At the District Four All-Star game, Aaron remembers walking off the football field for the last time, hearing God speaking to him. "l want you to give your life to Me". It was then he decided to go to the Apostolic Bible Institute and pursue the call of God.

While obtaining his education at the Apostolic Bible Institute, Aaron worked full time at Ritrama in Minneapolis while attending school. After his first year; he married Jessica Wright, his high school sweetheart. Aaron and Jes returned to school, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Theology and Jes graduated with an Associate's degree in Theology and Music.

After graduating college, Aaron and Jes moved back to Williamsport, Pennsylvania where they serve their pastor, Roger Betterley. Utilizing their college experience, they have served locally as Sunday school teachers, outreach coordinators, New Life course instructors, Bible study teachers, and worship leaders. Aaron was elected as the Section 2 youth representative, and is currently serving in that capacity.

Aaron's life has shown that the call of God isn't always easy, but it is rewarding. Through his experience, he has leamed that If you put in your time in, God will honor you and use you. Aaron has had the opportunity to serve for 8 years on a local and district level. He also has had the privilege of travelling to minister for youth revival, youth conventions, sectional youth rallies, Youth Day at church camp, and also church revivals. Out of those events, Aaron says teaching home Bible studies is closest to his heart.

Aaron is currently serving his pastor while evangelizing part time. He and his family are making the adjustments to start traveling full-time in Evangelism.

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Ministry Focus Week

by ABI Admissions (10/9/2014)

We have stepped away from our regular schedule this week. We have split the Christian Ministry students and the Music students and have taken this week to focus on developing those ministries. Rev. Norman Paslay II has been leading our Christian Ministry students into a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a minister in today's day and age. With lessons like: "What Jezebel Hates", "Strongholds", "The Battlefield of the Church" and
"The Art of Communication," our Christian Ministry students have been equipped and inspired to reach this world.

The effectiveness of the teaching in this ministry focus week has already been felt in our daily chapel services. Our students have taken what has been given to them in class and added it to their sermons and testimonies, which has resulted in many tremendous sermons. One of our Junior ladies spoke about "Pearls in your Pain". She related our life experiences to that of an oyster, which grows a pearl because of an irritant. Some of our most valuable experiences and effective ministry tools begin in our lives as painful situations. Working from that thought and a from a lesson taught by Rev. Paslay, she related to us the value of hard circumstances, noting that the gate to heaven is a pearl. Maybe that is because one day when we walk through those gates, we will know that everything we have gone through has brought us to this point. Now, we can walk past the gate knowing all the pain and everything that was symbolic of it is behind us.

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Flying the Gospel to the jungle

by ABI Admissions (10/9/2014)

The picture below perfectly captures what it means to be part of the ABI alumni network. Jonathan DeVall (left) and missionary to Brazil Rev. Bennie DeMerchant (right) are flying the Gospel all over the Amazon. Jonathan graduated in 2010 and Rev. Demerchant graduated in 1957. The alumni network stretches far and wide and opens many doors.

Jon is currently trying to raise his budget to go on a long-term AIM assignment. He intends to go full-time in the country of Brazil to assist Rev. Demerchant by flying both seaplanes all over the jungle as Rev. Demerchant has done for almost 60 years.

It is incredible to see a missions field that was established and dug out by an ABI graduate be able to continue through the efforts of another ABI graduate. We look forward to more incredible reports from Manaus and the jungle surrounding it.

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AIMer to Jordan

by ABI Admissions (10/9/2014)

In the midst of all the turmoil in the Middle East there is a land which is relatively peaceful and is becoming a beacon of hope and light in the midst of a chaotic and dark world. The country of Jordan is being reached by Rev. Gary and Linda Reed, both graduates of ABI. They have been working with the Muslims and have made great progress in a very difficult field. This field recently suffered a tremendous loss when Sis. Cynthia White went on to her reward.

Women are more effective in Muslim countries because the teachings of the Koran tell Muslims that any teaching from a woman is foolish. Therefore, Muslims can brush off accusations of conversion by pointing out that they are being taught by a woman. How could what she is saying be of any consequence? Meanwhile, they are being taught life-changing truths from the inspired Word of God.

Emily Shull is a young lady who will be very effective in Jordan. She graduated from ABI at the top of her class this year and has been deeply involved in First Church during her time as an ABI student. Emily taught Sunday School , assisted with Children's Church on Wednesday nights, and was an exemplary student. She is currently serving in her home church in Michigan until her departure to Jordan in November. Her entire AIM budget was raised through an incredible offering from First United Pentecostal Church. This is the second AIMer First Church has fully funded. We look forward to the reports of what God will be doing through her in the country of Jordan.

Natalie Langley Awesome News!! Emily you will love Jordan and it's beautiful people. I hope you get to sight see and enjoy our good Arabic cooking. My Mom, Sis Jean Saad, is part or the ministy team of UPCI in Amman. I hope you meet her. Wishing you a fun

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Pastoral Counseling Class- Rev. Chapman

by ABI Admissions (9/23/2014)

"This could be a miracle moment; any moment can be a miracle moment." This was one of the many lessons Rev. Chapman left us after his last stint as an adjunct instructor. He spent the week with our upperclassmen giving them instruction in pastoral counseling. " We are not psychiatrists , we are not professional counselors; we are ministers, so counsel by ministering and get someone help if they need it ," was his mandate for the class. In a world that is faced with more mental illness and mental stress, a minster must be able to direct a person to professional help for matters that are beyond the realm of a minister's capabilities. Once that person has found professional help a minister comes alongside them to pray with them and helps guide them spiritually.

Our students enjoy having the always smiling Rev. Chapman around the halls of ABI. His quick wit and hearty laugh are always a welcome addition. We look forward to his return in the latter part of October.

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