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Rev. Lee Stoneking Ministry Week

by ABI Admissions (3/31/2015)


Within this past week the students of ABI were privileged to have Rev. Lee Stoneking inspire and enlighten the future ministry of this generation. Throughout the week he gave insight to biblical concepts such as the Oneness doctrine. He gave influential testimonies that stirred the hearts of every listener. The opportunity to learn from such a faithful evangelist was truly an enlightening experience.

He was open to answering any questions the audience had for him. One such question was: How to be used of God? Through his experience and wisdom, Bro. Stoneking gave a simple answer. God's choice for you is based on your choices, because of the choices you make, He chooses to use you in certain ways. He gave references from the Bible such as Moses, Joshua, and Saul as examples of individuals being used of God. Each person made choices that lead God to use them in ways they never thought possible. If God asks you to do something, do it. Our willingness allows God to use us.

He also brought many of his personal Bible studies that he was willing to share. One such Bible study was highly anticipated: The study on the Gifts of the Spirit. In this session the focus was on how the gifts are given and what the differences of the gifts actually were. Many students desired to be used in the Gifts of the Spirit but lacked the confidence to do so. In this session, Bro. Stoneking explained that gifts are given to all, but some are more distinctive based on the individual's personality. He also encouraged the students not to be ashamed when God gives them a gift.

Having Bro. Stoneking walking in the halls of ABI was truly an enlightening experience for all that attended. His walk with God has become influential to many across the globe, but among the students he was not only a great evangelist but he became a great friend.

- Rebecca Bennett -

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Why I Chose ABI

by ABI Admissions (1/29/2015)

Hi! My name is Austen Wageman from Moorhead, MN. I am currently a "B" student at ABI. I didn't choose Apostolic Bible Institute because it was close. I took a close look at the phenomenal instructors and the potential of being used right away. I was amazed by the talent and anointing that the faculty and student body possess. I haven't even been here a month and I'm already using my musical and other abilities in the daily chapel and main church services. I have found where I belong. I knew from the moment I stepped on this campus that I'm right where God told me to go.
- Austen Wageman

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MN Music Conference

by ABI Admissions (1/28/2015)

We are looking forward to the MN Music Conference. Join us, March 20-21st for an awesome weekend of worship, praise, and fellowship! Registration details are below. The Friday night concert is free and the clinics and sessions on Saturday are for those registered.


Friday Evening
7 pm ~Evening Of Worship (Free Admission)
MN Praise Teams / Sis. DiGiovanni

8:30 am ~Registration
9 am ~Vocal Clinic Part 1, Sis. DiGiovanni
~Importance of a Sound Ministry
Bro. DiGiovanni
10 am ~Breakout Sessions
- Media Ministry
- Piano Clinic
- Playing Together as a Worship Team
- Worship Leading
- New Songs / Mash-ups
11 am ~MAIN Session, Sis. DiGiovanni
12 Noon ~LUNCH (on Campus)
1 pm ~Breakout Sessions
- Media Ministry
- Piano Clinic
- Playing Together as a Worship Team
- Worship Leading
- New Songs / Mash-ups
2 pm ~Vocal Clinic Part 2, Sis. DiGiovanni
~Band Tips With Sound Engineer
Bro. DiGiovanni
3 pm ~Panel Discussion
(Bring your questions for the panel of experienced Worship Leaders. Please submit questions Friday night.)

Guest clinicians:

Jessica DiGiovanni
Lead Vocalist
Vocal Instructor

Vito DiGiovanni
Sound Engineer/Instructor

Registration (includes lunch)
Mail-in $25
(early discount - mail by March 1st)
(Check Facebook to download form/mailing information.)

Eventbrite online $30 MinnesotaMusicConference/

At-the-door $35

Go to the facebook event page for the latest information/schedule of classes.
facebook-Minnesota Music Conference/Clinic.

Join us for an awesome weekend of worship, praise, and fellowship!

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All Nations Sunday

by ABI Admissions (1/28/2015)

All Nations Sunday was a wonderful time with our church family. There are 13 different nationalities represented at First United Pentecostal Church. Our most recent addition is a family from the province of Karen in Burma. We were privileged to have this family sing for us in their native language. The patriarch of the family Tin Ung, was a Pentecostal minister in Burma he preached a wonderful message regarding whatever language we speak, we can all worship God together because "Hallelujah" is the same in every language. We understand the presence of God no matter the language of the worship. Bro. Tin preached in the Karen language as well as two different dialects of it known as "Poe Karen" and "Sgaw Karen". He also preached in Burmese and translated everything to English. After his inspiring message, Isaac Lopez, one of our students, brought a sermon in Spanish which was translated to English by Jose Larios. Following a wonderful move of God in the altar we gathered in the Chapel for an All Nations potluck. There were dishes of all sorts which vibrantly displayed the diversity of our church. Hearty German dishes like wiener schnitzel and spatzle showed the roots of some of our families while a savory "Posole" Mexican soup added some spice to the meal. Following our All Nations potluck was our annual bake auction which was a wonderful time and saw some intense but friendly, bidding wars.
We are very blessed to have such a wonderfully diverse church and enjoy having everyone share their culture with one another.

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Blessings in 2014 & 2015

by ABI Admissions (1/9/2015)

It's a new year which gives us an opportunity to look back at 2014 and ahead to 2015.

2014 was a great year for both ABI and First Church. Our students have been the driving force behind many of the events on campus. They fervently sought God for the Torch conference hosted in April and as a result we hosted over 200 young people on our campus. We had 500 in attendance in the evening services and we were able to raise over $2,000 for a local home missionary and his young family.

We had the opportunity to travel to several different churches and district youth camps over the summer. The experience that our students gained was invaluable as they did everything from clean bathrooms to preach the Word of God. Thank you to everyone who provided a place for our students to stay.

The end of 2014 was a time to remember. At the end of October, we hosted our annual preview weekend with guest speaker Aaron Wright. Those visiting the campus were moved on powerfully as Bro. Wright preached. Many visiting made commitments to attend when they graduated High School. Some filled out applications before they left.

Bro. Wright stayed on with us for a 4-day revival which kicked off a tremendous influx of souls into First Church. In the last two months of 2014 we have baptized 20 and have more in bible studies.

As the year drew to a close ABI had the opportunity to be at eight holiday youth conventions (WI, MI, OK, AR, FL, CO, MS, and NE). We thank each district and alumni who helped us be represented across the nation as our young people came together to start their year off the right way.

As we enter 2015 we are so grateful to have eight students join us, from Minnesota, Mississippi, Illinois and Ohio. We are looking forward to training them and seeing them grow in God. This "B" class is one of the largest in recent memory.

We are excited to be hosting the MN District Breakthrough Conference next week and appreciate the generosity of the district to allow our students free admission to the conference.

2015 promises to be another great year for ABI!

MN Breakthrough Ministry Training - January 15-17th 2015
MN Music Conference - March 20-21st 2015
Apostolic Torch Conference - April 16-18th
ABI 78th Graduation - May 29th-31st
Summer Tours - June & July
North American Youth Congress - August 5-7th 2015

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