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Christmas Banquet 2014

by ABI Admissions (12/9/2014)

December brings with it a chill in the air and a spirit of celebration over the birth of Jesus. We are always excited to get together as a church and school for our annual Christmas Banquet. This year was no exception. The menu this year consisted of pork loin prepared two ways. The first was smoked and stuffed with an apple cranberry stuffing. The second choice was stuffed with mozzarella, spinach and prosciutto. Either choice came with delightful sides and a delicious cheesecake dessert.

Beyond the food, we had a wonderful evening of fellowship as Bro. Greg Miller related to us the story of "The Littlest Jingle Bell" and hosted his very first celebrity roast of Rev. and Sis. Grant with such zingers as "Rev. and Sis. Grant are the kindest and most gracious people one could ever hope to know." Bro. Chapman entertained us for a brief moment with his thoughts about the difference between hunters during hunting season and the rest of the year. His humor was well received by nonhunters and hunters alike.

The night ended on a high note as we all joined our voices to sing Christmas carols followed by the traditional negotiation of an extended curfew for the students, which was granted and met with much rejoicing.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Christmas Concert 2014

by ABI Admissions (12/9/2014)

Each year our student body under the direction of our music director, Andrew Weisbrod puts together a Christmas concert. This year our Christmas concert was entitled "Great Joy". The great joy of Christmas was expressed through 15 unique musical pieces. Full choir numbers, duets and solos proclaimed the great joy that is the birth of Jesus.

Afterwards, we gathered in the chapel for a wonderful time of fellowship.

Thank you to each one that was involved in making this year's Christmas concert a success.

To see the archived footage of this years Christmas Concert go to

For clips from the concert, check out our Facebook page

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Three Fantastic Adjunct Faculty

by ABI Admissions (11/21/2014)

We are blessed this week to have three adjunct teachers with us. Rev. Jack Leaman teaching Global missions class, Rev. Dan Flemming teaching Gospels class and Rev. Sidney Poe teaching Major Prophets class. These classes are the building blocks of our students ministries. Through a combination of in depth biblical study and practical ministry application each student that applies themselves will be able to rightly divide the word for any setting , be it a book of acts study in the jungles of Africa or an in depth study of the book of Jeremiah in a young ministers class.

Rev. Jack Leaman serves with the Global Missions department as a board member and travels promoting faith promise.

Rev. Dan Flemming serves as the Iowa district superintendent and Pastors in Ames Iowa.

Rev. Sideny Poe holds a PHD and has served in many UPCI bible colleges both in the United States and aborad as an instructor. He also is a chaplain and conducts chaplaincy training courses.

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Revival weekend

by ABI Admissions (11/5/2014)

What an incredible weekend we had! After revival services on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we came back Sunday morning with our expectations high. We were set to baptize 14 people. The number of people that wanted to be baptized had grown through out the week. We came together Sunday morning and worshiped and rejoiced as 12 people were buried in the precious Name of Jesus. We had planned to baptize two more after the sermon from Rev. Aaron Wright, bringing the total to 14. During the worship service, we had yet another person come forward and ask to be baptized.

Rev. Wright preached a powerful message about not just living under the Master's table where the crumbs are, but getting ourselves to sit down at the Masters table to get all that He has for us. As Rev. Wright preached, the power of God was moving through the congregation, especially among those that had just been baptized. We gathered in the altar to seek the face of God, and as we worshiped, 3 people were filled with the Holy Ghost.

Rev. Wright had been witnessing to a man with whom he had worked when he attended ABI. After he preached, he was able to baptize that man in the only saving Name of Jesus. Rev. Andrew Reece baptized one more young lady who had received the Holy Ghost Friday night, bringing the whole service to a wonderful crescendo of worship and celebration of what God had done in the lives of 15 people that morning.

Sunday evening we came back and Rev. Wright preached an incredible message which related to us that we have entered into a season of harvest. If we will go into the field, 15 baptisms on a Sunday morning will become a normal event. As we sought the face of God around the altar, a young man came down to speak with our pastor, Rev. Grant, and asked to be baptized. A few minutes later when he came up out of the water, he began to speak in a language which he had never spoken before as God filled him with the Holy Ghost.

We baptized 16 people in the name of Jesus and God filled five with His wonderful Spirit. We are so thankful for the incredible move of God and the sensitivity and service of Rev. Aaron Wright in our revival services!

Ken Gastineau ABI the school we love. :)

Alan Demos How marvelous.. HOW wonderful…!!

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College Days 2014 Chapel and Class

by ABI Admissions (10/29/2014)

As the final bells were ringing for our school day to begin, Rev. William Chapman, an adjunct faculty member at ABI, brought all of our guests to the upperclassman classroom and led them in a joyful rendition of "Rise and Shine". Rev. Chapman taught the first hour about ministerial principles and taking up the burden of the ministry that you've been called to. Second hour, we heard Rev. Sidney Poe, from The Pentecostals of Alexandria, LA , teach about our different personalities and how they are divinely aligned to our ministries. We then headed to our daily, student-led, chapel service in which our student body president would be preaching. Bro. Justin Bishop spoke a beautiful and stirring message of taking His yoke upon us and attaching ourselves to a burden. He closed his message by connecting taking up our yoke to Jesus taking up the cross. He spoke passionately and used compelling visuals. The memory of that old yoke, cross and an empty chair will forever be imprinted in our minds. We had a beautiful move of God as many young people shed things of the world and committed to taking that burden of the call upon their own lives. After our chapel service, Rev. Andrew Reece taught our third hour class on Bible geography. He described and mapped the journey of Abram from Ur to the Promised Land, highlighting how obedience to the direction of God was essential.

From the first hour to the last there was a call for all of us to enter into ministry in whatever way we can. Ministering to someone does not require a pulpit; it does not even require a Bible study chart, though both are great tools. Ministering to someone requires that we answer the call of God on our lives and not allow our lack of skill, our fears about who we are, or our location to deter us from what God has called us to do.

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