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North America Youth Congress

by ABI Admissions (8/11/2015)

ABI was blessed to be a part of North American Youth Congress in Oklahoma City, OK.

Alumni from all over North America gathered at the booth for a great time in fellowship.

Missionary students from all over the world gathered around the ABI missions themed booth.

ABI alum, Rev. Stan Gleason and Rev. Lee Stoneking, both participated in speaking to the youth.

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Children Evangelists: The Borliks

by ABI Admissions (7/28/2015)

Snap! Mousetraps on Bro. Borlik's nose, ears, mouth and hand painfully represented "sin traps" into which we fall. Aimed at the children, but definitely "gotten" by the adults, Bro. Bruce and Sis. Jamie Borlik's lessons at A.B.I./First Church drew many to the altar, where more than a few sought the Holy Ghost and many were refilled.

The July 26, 2016 Sunday evening children's ministry service brought in an enthusiastic, ever-growing congregation with many guests. Bro. and Sis. Borlik's creative use of skits, puppets, and music effectively brought home the dangers of sin and the efficacious cleansing and love of Jesus Christ.

The children were immediately drawn into the story and quick to call out the sins of Clem, Bro. Borlik's character, even standing and pointing vociferously at him after Clem "stole" money from Sis. Borlik's purse.

We salute the Borliks for an inspiring time and hope they were able to refresh themselves with more than an "after-service sweet tea" that her stolen dollar was to buy.

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Parking Lot Project

by ABI Admissions (7/23/2015)

Great progress is being made with our parking lot project! The ABI men are working hard to complete this task. Each day, different people come to lend a hand.
We are grateful for all of the help!

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78th Graduation Weekend Review

by ABI Admissions (6/2/2015)

The Drama "Moses" captured the audience and gave an inspiring message to all. Afterward, there was a time of great fellowship.

On Saturday, Rev. Godwin, brought us an encouraging and life-changing word entitled "A Stop on the Road to Greatness." The evening was followed by a night of fellowship and alumni presentations.

Rev. Stoneking, gave a encouraging message that moved the congregation. We were blessed to have him ministry to us.

Karen Cook Shepard It feels my heart with joy and thankfulness to see that ABI is still blessing to the lives of so many. I can truely say, I am so proud to be called and ABI alumni. God bless, Karen Shepard

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78th Graduation Weekend

by ABI Admissions (4/30/2015)

Schedule of Events

We are looking forward to escorting our graduating class into the ministry. We have reorganized the weekend and the schedule is below.

Friday, May 29th
- Benefit Drama at 7p.m.

Saturday, May 30th
- Church with Rev. Greg Godwin at 5p.m.
- Alumni and Friends social hour after service. (Light refreshments served.)

Sunday, May 31st
- 78th Graduation service with Rev. Lee Stoneking at 3p.m.

We are anticipating a power packed weekend with services focused on sending our graduates off into the world of ministry with inspiration and determination.

Rev. Godwin will be bringing us an inspiring and life-changing word Saturday evening followed by a night of fellowship and alumni presentations.

Rev. Stoneking, who recently spoke at the United Nations general assembly, will be with us once again for our final service of the weekend. We are expecting a tremendous move of God throughout the weekend.

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