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UPCI Involvement In FBI Chaplaincy

by ABI Admissions (1/17/2017)

A few years ago, an FBI agent showed up at Urshan Graduate School of Theology (UGST) to inquire about a recent graduate. This was an unusual event, and it certainly got the attention of the staff. Soon the purpose for this unannounced visit became clear.

After graduating from Apostolic Bible Institute (ABI), Norm Paslay II served in pastoral ministry in the Cincinnati area for two decades, including police chaplaincy. At the age of forty-five, however, he decided to pursue a master's degree from UGST, the UPCI's own institution of higher learning. Indeed, Norm's advanced degree enabled him to apply to join the ranks of approximately one hundred FBI chaplains, who provide pastoral care within the elite US intelligence community. To qualify for top-secret security clearance, Norm had to submit to a rigorous process spanning fifteen months. Preparation and training would include a trip to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and an extensive array of tutorials and seminars. In November 2015 Norm was approved as an FBI chaplain serving Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, a first for a UPCI minister.

In late 2016 another UPCI minister and ABI graduate, Gregg Joki, successfully completed the lengthy qualification process and was hired as the FBI chaplain of Eastern Oklahoma, including the city of Tulsa. Gregg's more than eight years of volunteer chaplaincy in prisons, jails, fire departments, and police stations provided a solid foundation for his post at the FBI. Gregg was recently selected to speak at a Sunday morning service at Quantico, and has served briefly as chaplain on duty at the FBI Academy. He has also provided training for other chaplains at Quantico.

New FBI chaplaincy posts will become available in the future, and qualified UPCI ministers who are willing and able to follow the long and arduous path pioneered by Norm and Gregg may someday fill those roles. Of course, a growing number of UPCI constituents serve as chaplains in other venues, such as hospitals, armed forces, police departments, and businesses. That day at UGST, it turns out, the FBI agent was simply verifying Norm's education history, a single item on the same background checklist used to qualify every FBI agent. As UPCI men and women continue to follow the call of God, who knows where the FBI will show up next?


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First Day Back

by ABI Admissions (1/9/2017)

Today marked the first day of the Spring 2017 semester at ABI. The freshmen studied Theology with Bro. Grant, while the sophomores studied Church History with Sis. Resong and Musicianship with Sis. McGowan and the juniors and seniors studied Sociology with Bro. Bollmann.

After a nice, long break, the students were more than happy to see their ABI family. With the Minnesota Breakthrough Conference happening this weekend, the students are starting out the semester with a bang, ready to jump into action! We canít wait to see what God is going to do in 2017!

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Class Time

by ABI Admissions (1/5/2017)

With one eventful semester behind us, the ABI students look forward to the second semester with anticipation. Christmas break is winding down and students are trickling in, preparing themselves for another semester of ministry training, events and fun. The first semester was marked with powerful moves of God during multiple classes and chapel services, where students and teachers alike followed the leading of God and stopped what they were doing to pray and intercede.

College Days was a hit, with former ABI alum Rev. Nigel Ali ministering to the potential students that filled the halls.

The Christmas banquet was a fun time for all, with great food and fellowship. For the first time in ABI history, we enjoyed the entertainment of a mariachi band that serenaded us with beautiful music. They were a crowd favorite.

The Christmas concert, White As Snow, was filled with music that reflected the true meaning of Christmas. Many eyes were filled with tears as a sweet presence of God moved into the sanctuary and a spirit of worship fell.

With all that happened during the first semester, we wait with great anticipation of what God will do as we head towards our 80th Graduation Weekend.

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Summer Tour 2016

by ABI Admissions (8/25/2016)

What a great year for ABI Summer Tour Groups! This summer, we had several groups volunteering at 13 Youth Camps around the country assisting in every needed area. During the weekend, groups would go to local churches the in the districts and assist with their services. The students' experiences have helped them gain skills to grow their ministry. Thank you to all of the districts and pastors that hosted our students!

Picture 1: Jeremiah Alwardt, Jen Alwardt, Christine Anderson, Arely Mendoza, Jennifer Perez at MS Youth Camp.

Picture 2: (L-R) Arely Mendoza, Justin Kimball, Tracy Thomas, Caleb Hollingsworth, Jennifer Perez, Kane Cross, Christine Anderson at Pennsylvania Camp.

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79th Graduation Weekend

by ABI Admissions (6/30/2016)

What a wonderful weekend we had here at ABI. We were truly blessed us with a terrific weekend of fellowship and powerful moves of God.

Friday, June 3, commenced our weekend activities. The student body grabbed our attention with the powerful drama "The Thief that Stole Heaven." We witnessed the interpretation of the lives of the two thieves that were hung on crosses beside Jesus.

Saturday, was our Alumni and Friends Celebration, with the Gleason Family singing and Rev. Stan Gleason preaching. Our hearts were filled as the Gleason Family inspired us with song, and as Bro. Gleason brought the Word.

Sunday morning, brought us together for a time of worship with Rev. Gary Gleason. We were blessed to have the Gleason Family sing again, and hear the Word of God.

Sunday afternoon, we had our 79th Annual ABI Commencement with Rev. Lee Stoneking. We honoured our seniors (red & black) were given bachelor degrees and sophomores (teal & blue) with associate degrees.

Great things are happening at ABI!!

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