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New Music Ministry Program

by Hugh Plappert (8/8/2012)

Music Ministry Certificate
One Year Program

Andrew Weisbrod, ABI Music Director

You Can!
Commit to a one year program that will give you the knowledge you will need to have a fabulous music program in your church!
We will supply the tools that you can use to improve your musical ability the
rest of your life!

Course Highlights:
Music overview, "View From The Mountain Top" ~How to make sense of Music
How to teach your church, get new members to be involved in Music Ministry
Sing in the ABI Choir: Parts, Vocal Harmony, Small Group Specials
Sight Singing, Voice Lessons, Practice rooms
How to read and play a chord sheet, lead sheets
Chords ~ Piano, beginning and advanced
Praise Team, Leading a Song Service
Organization, Delegation
How to Write Original Music
Lead Worship, "You Can Lead Worship"
Music Theory 1 (2 3 4)
Playing By Ear
Guest Teachers
Opportunity to be involved in travel to local churches to lead worship
Introduction to Worship Band: Keys, Drums, Guitar (Bass, Acoustic, Electric)
More......Practical Music Teaching
Have Fun Learning Music and Praising God!

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ABI Students Invest Summers in Serving Youth Camps

by Hugh Plappert (6/26/2012)

The ABI recruiting team is on the road again and is enthusiastically serving at UPC district youth camps! This is the third year we have been blessed to do "camp ministry" with tour groups and serve as counselors, dishwashers, dorm supervisors, and maintenance in many districts during youth camps. While serving, ABI students have been interacting with campers and encouraging them to follow the call of God.

Young people are bonding with ABI students, and have been considering ABI as part of their future. It is exciting to see what the Lord is doing! We pray for these prospects and for the Lord to continue working in their lives.

"Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest." Matthew 9:38

For a full schedule of their summer, visit our Calendar page by clicking here.

joseph richard duncan when you guys came to summer camp and i heard about abi i was like cool. i am wanting go at one point.

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2012 Alumni of the Year

by Hugh Plappert (6/26/2012)

This year, Rev. and Mrs. Bennie DeMerchant were honored with the Alumni of the Year award, in recognition of 48 years of their missionary work in Brazil. The award was presented by Rev. Gerald Grant, president of ABI, and Rev. Norman Paslay, the alumni president, during the Saturday evening Alumni Celebration service.

With God's help, the DeMerchants have established over 200 Bible colleges in Brazil that also bear the name of ABI, 200 churches in the city of Manaus, and over 1,000 churches in the Amazon basin. They wish to continue serving in Brazil until Jesus comes, and give God the glory for all that He has done.

ABI is proud to honor them and the work God is blessing so abundantly. They are examples of many who have come through these doors to learn, and leave to serve, carrying the Gospel to the entire world.

Edmar C. Magalona we are so blessed and we want to be a part of your ministry

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75th Graduation

by Hugh Plappert (6/3/2012)

On June 3, 2012, ABI was honored to commence the graduation ceremonies of their 75th class since 1937, the class of 2012.

Rev. Lee Stoneking preached a dynamic message, "Make It Happen", to the 2012 graduates, challenging them to expect signs and wonders to follow their ministries.

This was a fitting message. Many of the graduates have had miracles take place in their lives that enabled them to come to ABI and know the power of what God can do!

-One young lady was won to the Lord by ABI students who witnessed to her while she worked at a bank near the school. Today that graduate and her employees start each workday with prayer. She has also had several members of her family receive the Holy Ghost and be baptized in Jesus Name.

-One of the young men received the Holy Ghost while visiting ABI through the college days preview weekends. God called the young man to ABI, where he completed four years and desires to pursue a degree in counseling.

-One young lady had a seizure and fall shortly before her high school graduation. She was completely healed through the prayers of ABI students and many other churches. She dedicated her life to serve God and arrived in the fall of 2008, testifying of God's goodness. God has done many other miracles in her life during her time as a student.

-Some of the students came from broken families, and God has impacted their lives and allowed them to be witnesses to their family members. They have been seeing God doing a work in the lives of people they love, through their sacrifice of being here.

The other graduates have also had miracles take place in their lives. Their love for God's Word has been intensified, and they have been developed into leaders that are on fire with their desire to reach the lost and work for God's kingdom.

God's blessings were present during the graduation service. The graduates prayed with others, while God did miracles and filled people with the Holy Ghost. The service was a fitting culmination and also a great jumpstart into the things that are in store for them ahead as they continue to serve God.

We expect great things to happen in our graduates' ministries and may God bless them as they share what they have gained here with the World. This is only the beginning!

Jerry C. O\'Neal To God be the Glory! ABI the school we love! 1976-79

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Alumni Celebrates 75 Yrs with Outpouring and Healing

by Hugh Plappert (6/2/2012)

What a time we had during the Alumni celebration at graduation this year! ABI was blessed with many honored guests which included missionaries, pastors, UPCI leaders, and alumni from the decades. ABI has been training leaders and ministers since 1937.

The celebration included a drama Friday night, telling the story of David and the rise of a king, a golf tournament Saturday morning, the alumni banquet Saturday night, and the Alumni service Saturday evening. Rev. William Chapman helped raise money to assist ABI and provide for a new heating system, which will be a great blessing during the long winter months ahead! Rev. Lee Stoneking was our guest speaker, and preached anointed messages that were received by a great response in the altar calls.

During the celebration, there was an outpouring of the Holy Ghost and many miracles. Three received the Holy Ghost during the ceremonies, and many others testified of miraculous healings that took place during the services.

We are so thankful for the 75 years God has given us at ABI and look forward to the greater things that are to come! God is continuing to bless people who have given their lives to studying His Word, and is calling many more laborers into the work of His harvest around the world.

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