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ABI in the Community

by ABI Admissions (5/4/2012)

The Freshman class this year decided to put together a fundraiser at the local Culver's Restaurant. The fundraiser was a great opportunity for the church and students to fellowship together, as well as outreach and be a presence in the local community.

I received many compliments from the Culver's staff and customers in regards to the friendliness of the church and students of ABI. It is comforting to know that the fruit of the Spirit is shining out of us like a light to those around who are in darkness. I personally was able to get contact information from one of the Culver's staff to fellowship with him and play some basketball.

Additionally, I had an opportunity to speak with two older gentlemen about the Word of God and what our church and school were doing at Culver's. It is imperative to remember that some people will only know Jesus and the Bible by what they know and read from you and your life. People are drawn to His Spirit and can see it in His people, and therefore are drawn to His people.

I believe that First United Pentecostal Church and Apostolic Bible Institute presented a wonderful representation of our Lord Jesus Christ, while being able to have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable time of fellowship. Thank you very much for all of your support!

May Jesus Bless you!

Becky Brandt I am so very excited about attending ABI in the fall!!!!!!!! =]

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Second-rate Coaches or Passionate Teachers, Rev. J. Merrick

by Hugh Plappert (5/1/2012)

Rev. James Merrick pastored in Green Bay, Wisconsin during the days of legendary Vince Lombardi. He heard of Lombardi's greatness in the barber shops and on the streets. By the next year everyone spoke of the football great as a nothing, a nobody, his team had lost. Rev. Merrick saw it for what it was, hero worship.

His mother discovered something with more significance and life long stability. She set out to challenge the new movement her friends had gotten involved with called Apostolic Pentecost. After searching the scriptures in her oversized family Bible she discovered the Truth that would change her family's life forever.

Rev. Merrick's love for the Word of God started when he was a young teenager. His Pastor in Jackson, Ohio, Rev. Paul Leaman, and the Bible class at the Ohio youth camp taught by Rev. S. G. Norris planted the seed. It was in one of the Ohio camps while Sister Norris was teaching that around 28 young people received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues in the morning class and it continued thru lunch and into the afternoon. The following year Rev. Merrick experienced it for himself.

God has directed Rev. Merrick's ministry after graduating from the Apostolic Bible Institute in 1966 to Green Bay, Wisconsin and then on to Pastor a church in Duluth, Minnesota for 38 years. He was the Minnesota District Superintendent for 30 years. Today, he serves as the Vice President of the Apostolic Bible Institute, sits on the General Board of the United Pentecostal Church International as an Honorary Member, makes himself available as a Camp Bible Teacher, and provides prophecy seminars entitled, "Tomorrow's News Today", to churches.

With this experience and his passion the book of Romans is brought to life in the classroom and his love for the Word of God is shared with the students of the Apostolic Bible Institute. He believes that Bible School puts one years ahead and has great value in providing fellowship with like minded young people.


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City Wide scavenger hunt

by ABI Admissions (4/18/2012)

We all met in the chapel. The prizes were on display. The drivers all jockeyed for position and the hunters' curiosity was sparked by the hunt that was to come. We sorted out our groups and gave them their list of items to find and places to go. The tension built as we waited for that one last person who was running late. The prize was set before the eyes of the participants, spurring them to action. The word "go" was uttered and off they went in a mad dash. Some got lost in the building trying to find their cars; others left like the building was on fire. A calm came over the chapel; the eerie quiet now juxtaposed against the rowdy excitement that had been in the room moments before.

Each group had an awesome time even the groups that did not win the prize. When they all returned each group talked about the adventures they had. Each compared tales of how they accomplished the tasks they set out to do. All that talk, however, had to result in victory. One group's story was the victorious one.One foursome went through and conquered the scavenger hunt of 2012 all the bragging rights and glory is theirs until next year.

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Sing unto the Lord!

by ABI Admissions (4/14/2012)

There truly was a buzz in the air during free period Yesterday. The question rolled around in everyone's mind: "What are we going to sing on Saturday?!" To start things off, Leticia Gillet had our feet stomping while leading the solo for the upbeat gospel song "Heaven Bound". Students welcomed in the sweet presence of God during the second song "Perfect Praise". We expect God to do great things during Saturdays service! To God be all the glory.

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Knowledge its not just for the head, its for the heart.

by ABI Admissions (4/14/2012)

Brother Joki taught us the ins and outs of youth ministry. He instructed us in how to connect with the younger generation; how much work goes into youth ministry; having a passion with the youth and how to use technology to reach the next generation.

My calling is to be a missionary to the country of Spain, but after his class, I felt such as strong tug on my heart to go into youth ministry. If that becomes part of my calling, I would adhere to it in a heartbeat!

Bro. Joki's passion for youth is still going strong!He kept repeating to us his age and that people would tell him that he's too old to still be in youth ministry. The words of a teacher here at ABI propelled him into youth ministry and he still hangs onto those words. The simple statement "Gregg I believe you are going to go far"; has been a source of motivation as he preached 16 youth camps, taught two North American Youth Congresses and preached all around the world. To have a man like Bro. Joki pour his heart and his passion into me is just amazing. He encouraged me and the rest of my class, and I am so thankful that he came to teach me.

Written by: Derek Pederson a first year student at ABI

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