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Join the Celebration!

by Hugh Plappert (4/1/2012)

We invite you to join us in commemorating the longest continuously operating Oneness Bible school in the history of the United Pentecostal Church International.


Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen

Our Graduation weekend is quickly approaching, and we are very excited to be celebrating 75 years of training ministers.

We will be holding an alumni and friends banquet on the ABI campus and need to know who is coming.

The details:

Time: 5:30pm, Saturday, June, 2, 2012
Cost: $15 Per person
Reservations: Call 651-739-7686 speak with Brenda Beaver

Spots for the banquet are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve your spot please call and send your check to ABI.

We look forward to a great weekend with our alumni and friends!


June 1-3, 2012


  • Drama - 7:30 pm


  • Annual Golf Tournament - 7:00 am

  • (questions or team registration call: Seth Gillet, 651-248-3359)

  • All Alumni and Friends Reunion Banquet - 5:30 pm

  • (to make reservations call 651-739-7686 speak with Brenda Beaver)

  • Celebration Service - 7:30 pm


  • Sunday Morning Service - 10:30 am

  • Speaker: Rev. Norman Paslay II

  • Graduation Commencement - 3:00 pm

  • Speaker: Rev. Lee Stoneking



Best Western (formerly Wingate Inn)

  • $59 + tax per night (ABI Rate)

  • (651) 578-8466

  • 970 Helena Avenue North, Oakdale, MN 55128

  • Includes Hot Breakfast Buffet; Rooms have Refrigerator, Microwave and Internet Connection

AmericInn Lodge & Suites

  • $59 + tax per night (ABI Rate)

  • (651) 730-5700

  • 6630 Hudson Blvd. North, Oakdale, MN 55128

  • Includes Breakfast Buffet; Rooms have Refrigerator, Microwave, and Wireless Access

Holiday Inn East

  • $89 + tax per night (ABI Rate)

  • (651) 731-2220

  • 2201 Burns Ave., St. Paul, MN 55119

  • Rooms have Refrigerator and Internet Connection

Daniel Batchelor Brother Plappert, My wife, Nilah and I are excited about attending all the celebration activities this coming week-end at ABI's 75 Anniversary/Graduation! I believe we are registered, but if not please pass this on to the registrar. God Bless Your

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ABI Heads to Kansas

by ABI Admissions (3/17/2012)

On March 9th, the ABI men's quartet loaded up and took off to Wichita, Kansas to sing and minister in the altars at Kansas' Elev8 Youth Conference.

The quartet consisted of Bro. Scott Hackler (ABI music director), Andrew Lucas, Andy Harris, Stuart Anderson, John DeVall was along to play the drums and Bro. Grant went to ensure the boys behaved (as they always do).

The group was well received in Wichita. Singing and ministering for the youth of Kansas was a tremendous blessing to the students, Bro. Hackler, and Bro. Grant.
It is our hope that we will make many more trips to serve and minister to the youth of our churches.

We have the opportunity to be at the Illinois Youth Convention this year and are planning to travel once again to sing and minister in the altars.

We appreciate the opportunity given to us to be in Kansas and Illinois. ABI now has the ability to reach out further than before. If you would like to support ABI and have students at your church or youth function, please call 651-248-3359 and talk to Seth Gillet.

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Protect Yourself!

by Hugh Plappert (3/15/2012)

Know a few key facts about college and make the right decision about your future. Cautiously consider your college choice or risk an 84% chance of missing your goal.

The following chart shows what will happen with a sample of 100 College Freshmen.

100-One hundred students enroll in a Liberal Arts College this fall.

56-Almost one-half of them will drop out leaving only 56 students enrolled. (1) After all the grants, scholarships, and student loans, debt is still one of the top 5 reasons for drop out. (2)

31-Upon graduating 56% or 31 of the qualified graduates will find a job. (3)

16-Of those who find a job, only half of them will be employed in a vocation that requires a Bachelor's Degree. (3)

($27,000)-Most students that are privileged to have a job requiring a Bachelor's Degree will have an average debt of $27,000. (4) If this were a car loan the monthly payment would be $485.15 for 5 years. If you are a married couple, that could be $970.30 a month. It does not help that the cost of attending college has gone up over 440% in the last 25 years. (5)

There are options for you to consider.

Apostolic Bible Institute is pledging to prepare young people for the ministry without burdening them with debt or ignoring their need for valuable job skills. We have designed our program to include the following:

1.) Learn to be a Servant Leader and become eligible to apply for a General License with the United Pentecostal Church International.

2.) Have access to top leaders in various roles through out the United Pentecostal Church International from the friendships you will develop with our Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.

3.) Join the largest alumni network in the Oneness Apostolic movement with over 4,000 members.

4.) Graduate debt free with a Bachelor Degree.

5.) Gain valuable experiences working your way through school in a skill-developing job. See our free resource at This will improve your annual income possibilities by $19,500 over the average high school graduate. (6)

6.) We have an relationship with a local College that will allow you to use your ABI Bachelor Degree as a prerequisite towards a selection of Graduate Degree Programs.

Pray. Get direction. Choose ABI. Do not waste four years!

Request a School Catalog


1 Katherine Reynolds Lewis, High College Dropout Rate Threatens U.S. Growth, (January 2012)

2 "The Digital Student In College Life", The Top 10 Reasons Student Drop out of College, (January 2012)

3 Catherine Rampell, Many With New College Degree Find the Job Market Humbling,

4 Tamar Lewin, College Graduates' Debt Burden Grew, Yet Again, in 2010, (January 2012)

5 William McGurn, What's Your Kid Getting From College?, (January 2012)

6 Mary Pilon, What's a Degree Really Worth?, (January 2012)

Photo Credits:

Image: David Castillo Dominici /

Image: africa /

Pastor Daniel Batchelor Outstanding research and conclusions! These facts are profitable for those desiring placement and purpose within the Kingdom of God!

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Bake Auction for New Chapel Floor Succeeds

by Hugh Plappert (2/26/2012)

On Feburary 26, 2012 the Class of 2013 held their third annual Bake Auction to raise funds for replacing the ABI Chapel floor.

The church looks forward to the event that brings laughter and show cases their baking skills.

A number of the famous cooks brings upwards of $75 plus for some of their goods.

The Class of 2013 is led by President Alex Feustel , Vice President James Toner, Secretary Suzie Larson and Treasurer Heather Hildebrand

The total raised was $1700

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A Hotly Contested Chili Contest

by ABI Admissions (2/10/2012)

It's chili time!

The Senior class sparked the burners for a chili cook-off. Each member of the church and school could enter a pot of chili, to be judged by the palates of the masses.

The recipes came from all over. Some were the work of family recipes passed on through the generations.Each recipe had its own unique heritage and secret ingredient.

Bro. Miller brought out his three best recipes. One was for the mild mannered , one for those who like it spicy and a hunter's revenge venison chili (for those that missed the big buck this year). Maria Escandon entered a authentic Mexican chili that lit up taste buds. Jon Devall brought some east coast flavor to the cook off with a home-cooked hearty recipe.

The goal of the cook off was to raise funds for the various ministries supported by the Class of 2013 lead by their President, Andrew Lucas.

The afternoon was filled with great fellowship and friendly competition. The chili cook off is just one more time to get together and celebrate our heritage and diversity at First Church and we look forward to many more.

The winners this year were:

* Bro Miller, First place.
* Alex and Jennifer Feustel, Second place.
* Maria Escandon,Third place.

Rumor has it Mr. Miller, who is an attorney, found a loophole in the rules where he could enter three types of chili and accumulate the votes as one.

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