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Labor day weekend services

by ABI Admissions (9/7/2012)

During the weekend, ABI was privileged to have Rev. Travis Miller and Rev. Gregg Joki minister in services. Rev. Gregg Joki preached in chapel during the school day and Rev. Travis Miller preached Friday and Saturday night to the students. God's presence moved in a special way during these services and students were encouraged to have a hunger to see God do things in their lives and ministry like never before! Sunday morning Rev. Gregg Joki emphasized the importance of parenting and raising children in the apostolic way to the adult Sunday School class. We were honored to have them and their families with us and look forward to their return.

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Labor Day picnic

by ABI Admissions (9/7/2012)

We had a great time of fun and fellowship on Labor Day with our annual picnic on the church grounds! Families from the church brought several dishes and desserts that were enjoyed by all! ABI students Matt and Jeremiah also grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for the event. After the food, Children of all ages had an active day in field and water games hosted by the Sunday school teams. After a prayer, ABI students got a chance to show their skills in an intense and exciting game of student baseball! We had even more fun when some younger children came out and joined us in catching balls, running bases and hitting a few home runs. We were sad when the day came to an end but it was a fun time overall with students and church family!

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Back to School Weekend

by ABI Admissions (8/26/2012)

Throughout the Back to School weekend students enjoyed fellowship with one another and the faculty during evening activities. On Friday night the school hosted a bonfire cookout and Saturday night students enjoyed a rib dinner in the gymnasium. It was a great time for students catch up with one another and welcome the freshman to their new home. On Sunday, we enjoyed the preaching of Rev. Travis Miller, the UPCI Secretary of Home Missions. There was a powerful presence of God in each service. As students begin their classes this week we wish them all the best and a great new year!

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School Begins!

by ABI Admissions (8/23/2012)

School has officially begun and excitement is in the air! Freshmen have been arriving from near and far, and have been adjusting to their new lives on campus. We welcomed them all along with returning students at registration during Thursday and Friday. Each day of registration began with worship and prayer. God's presence was a welcoming start to the school year. After the worship service, students got to complete the registration process and meet many new faces. This year we have many exciting changes with new faculty members, including Bro. Weisbrod as the music director, and Bro. Sholly, our student financial advisor. There will also be many upcoming changes in student activities and classes to bring the students closer together. With God's blessing, we expect it to be a wonderful year and great

Edmar C. Magalona we are so blessed your ministry more power to you both.

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New Music Ministry Program

by Hugh Plappert (8/8/2012)

Music Ministry Certificate
One Year Program

Andrew Weisbrod, ABI Music Director

You Can!
Commit to a one year program that will give you the knowledge you will need to have a fabulous music program in your church!
We will supply the tools that you can use to improve your musical ability the
rest of your life!

Course Highlights:
Music overview, "View From The Mountain Top" ~How to make sense of Music
How to teach your church, get new members to be involved in Music Ministry
Sing in the ABI Choir: Parts, Vocal Harmony, Small Group Specials
Sight Singing, Voice Lessons, Practice rooms
How to read and play a chord sheet, lead sheets
Chords ~ Piano, beginning and advanced
Praise Team, Leading a Song Service
Organization, Delegation
How to Write Original Music
Lead Worship, "You Can Lead Worship"
Music Theory 1 (2 3 4)
Playing By Ear
Guest Teachers
Opportunity to be involved in travel to local churches to lead worship
Introduction to Worship Band: Keys, Drums, Guitar (Bass, Acoustic, Electric)
More......Practical Music Teaching
Have Fun Learning Music and Praising God!

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