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Spread the Word

by ABI Admissions (11/20/2012)

Equipped to teach

Just as we must equip ourselves with the armor of God every day, we cannot think to enter the battlefield of this world without the necessary weapons at our side. The Bible tells us to "Prove all things..." and to "Study to show thyself approved..." At ABI, the faculty and ministers are determined to equip each and every student with all the necessary tools to teach the word of God to a lost and dying world.

Inspired to preach

Many great ministers have passed through the doors of ABI and have gone on to do incredible works for God all over the world. Who will step into their places? We are privileged to be taught by some of the most inspiring preachers of our time, but it is now our turn to pick up the mantle and take on the duties of those that have gone before us. There are not nearly enough ministers of the gospel in our world, but at ABI you will be inspired and compelled to fulfill the commandment Jesus gave to "Go ye therefore..." Will you follow the call and go?

Empowered to reach

"And with great POWER gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.." Acts 4:33 We might not all be called to preach or teach, but we are all called to reach. It is said that the average person meets somewhere between 15,000-18,000 people in their lifetime, and it is estimated that there is roughly 250 million Pentecostals on the earth today. So I propose this question, what if we all reached one of the 15,000 people we come in contact with in our lifetimes? What would our world be like today? How many more of your friends and family members would be sitting in church with you? At ABI you will learn how to use the power that God has given you, through the Holy Ghost, to reach our world. We are living in a day of the restless, the uneasy, the lost, and the hungry. What will you feed them? Sadly most people don't know the answer to this question, but ABI is prepared to give you the confidence and boldness you need to change your world.

Trained to serve

As God's chosen people, it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand when God's calling is so prominent and exciting in our lives! But Galatians 5:13 tells us, "For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love SERVE one another."We will never lead unless we learn to follow and to serve. Even Jesus, God Himself clothed in flesh, had to learn to serve His brothers. ABI is dedicated to raising up ministers for God's kingdom. Our motto, "Enter to learn, leave to serve" stands true today. Apostolic Bible Institute will stretch your vision and knowledge as God forms your life into a vessel that He will use for His glory!

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ABI AYC Scholarship

by ABI Admissions (11/20/2012)

The ABI AYC Scholarship is intended for those who have gone on an AYC trip and wish to do something with that experience. We understand that it is an incredible sacrifice to pay for an AYC trip. ABI has developed a scholarship to help an individual who feels that missions work is an area they want to pursue. ABI has a long history of training and supporting missionaries, so this is just another step in that legacy.
The recipient of this scholarship will receive a one semesterís tuition valued at $1575.The scholarship will go to the applicant who best conveys their burden and desire to do something with what they experienced on their AYC trip.

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Welcome Night

by ABI Admissions (10/11/2012)

We welcomed twelve new freshman to our ABI family this year at our annual welcome night. Bro. Grant remarked that Jesus had twelve disciples that turned the world upside down and we expect great things ahead in their future as they dedicate this time in their lives to studying God's Word.

This year had a bit of a different twist, freshmen were welcomed by four members of First United Pentecostal Church, who welcomed them to the church family. Sis Reece, Bro. Hoehn, Bro. Oslin, and Bro. Miller each spoke giving advice and encouragement to help the freshmen in their future here.

Afterwards the freshmen introduced themselves and were given roses by the upperclassmen.We had a time for fellowship afterwards in the chapel where the 2nd year class hosted a special dinner for the new class of 2016 and the church family.
We hope the class of 2016 will gain things from their studies they will never forget, make friends for a lifetime, and come cherish the school that is so dearly loved by so many men and women ministers around the world.

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So Long Bro Hackler

by ABI Admissions (9/14/2012)

When it came to talent and music, Bro. Scott Hackler was very well loved by many people. For years, Bro. Hackler directed our music program and was the music director of ABI and First Church. He was a great teacher and a friend to many students who were privileged to have him as a teacher and choir director. He livened things up with his humor, smile, and encouragement in a way only Bro. Hackler could. He directed choirs, performed concerts, and also directed drama productions at ABI. He also has compiled many music compositions and has published many CD albums of his work. We are sad that he will be leaving, but we have been blessed to have him here. Bro. Hackler was honored by a farewell party at the church and with prayers we wish him well with his future! We look forward to see our music program develop in the hands of Bro Andy Weisbrod

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Labor day weekend services

by ABI Admissions (9/7/2012)

During the weekend, ABI was privileged to have Rev. Travis Miller and Rev. Gregg Joki minister in services. Rev. Gregg Joki preached in chapel during the school day and Rev. Travis Miller preached Friday and Saturday night to the students. God's presence moved in a special way during these services and students were encouraged to have a hunger to see God do things in their lives and ministry like never before! Sunday morning Rev. Gregg Joki emphasized the importance of parenting and raising children in the apostolic way to the adult Sunday School class. We were honored to have them and their families with us and look forward to their return.

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